William intends to serve with British troops in Afghanistan

26-year-old Prince William Wales, who is training to be a full time pilot with the Search and Rescue Force branch of the Royal Air Force (RAF), intends to serve with the British troops in Afghanistan.

The Royal, who is second in line to the throne, unwittingly spoke to NewsoftheWorld reporter in a nightclub.

He was previously blocked from serving in Iraq because of the sensitivities of sending senior royals to fight in war zones, the likelihood of them becoming high-profile targets and increasing the risk for their colleagues.

”I had love to do what Harry did out in Afghanistan,” the prince said.

“That’s why we train because we want to be out there on the front line. I’m a bit jealous of him to be honest. Hopefully I’ll get my turn.”

Prince Harry, served with the British Army in Afghanistan for 77 days with the Household Cavalry regiment until a reporting embargo broke down in February 2008.

Flight Lieutenant William Wales began his 18-month training course in January. Officers usually serve an operational tour of approximately 30-36 months following successful completion of training, but William may yet be blocked from serving on the front line.

William has briefly glimpsed military life in Afghanistan, taking part in a 30-hour round trip to Kandahar Air Base and Qatar in April 2008 at the culmination of an attachment to the RAF.

Asked whether he would get married soon, the prince replied, ”You’ll have to wait and see.”

Asked about how his brother was faring after his split from Ms Davy in January, Prince William shook his head and replied, ”Harry is still missing Chelsy. They were together for such a long time, so it’s only natural, I guess. He’s coping, but, yeah, he does miss her a lot.”