Two Men sentenced for stealing Prince William photo flap

Two men were convicted in a London court to 100 days community service for stealing a memory card with pictures of Prince William and his girlfriend.

prince william and kate middleton holidays
Charlie and Leon Ewins Sesay had pleaded guilty to robbery in a previous court hearing. Were reported to police after he tried to sell the digital images of the prince and Kate Middleton, who were taken during a family holiday Middleton in the Caribbean island of Mustique last year.

The men said they found the memory card into the street after a car belonging to Middleton’s sister, was raided and his bag, along with your phone and camera, had been snatched.

”He described it as “Dumb and Dumber, The Daily Telegraph quoted as telling recorder Martyn Barklem Ewins and Sesay, referring to the iconic Jim Carrey-Jeff Daniels comedy.

“That’s not inaccurate to characterize them. Is essentially fools that things have gotten out of control. … I guess years ago, could have been sent to the Tower of London, but of course, cameras and memory cards did not exist in those days.”