The Queen has authorised a crackdown on Paparazzi

The Queen has warned newspapers they face legal action if they publish paparazzi photos of the Royal Family. The Queen has authorised a crackdown on the paparazzi after growing interference into the private lives of the royal family.

Royal Family

The approach has the support of Prince Charles and Princes William and Prince Harry, who are all prepared to take legal action against the intrusive behavior of photographers.

The strategy is likely to be tested during the Queen’s traditional Christmas break at Sandringham, her estate in Norfolk.

Previously, the royal family has turned a blind eye to the practice, provided the pictures were taken from public roads and did not involve trespass on private land. The Queen and Prince Charles have now instructed Gerrard Tyrrell, a lawyer specialising in media law, to enact the new privacy strategy.

Paddy Harverson, Prince Charles’s communications secretary, told reporters on saturday: ”Members of the royal family feel they have a right to privacy when they are going about everyday, private activities. They recognise there is a public interest in them and what they do, but they do not think this extends to photographing the private activities of them and their friends.”

Many members of the royal family still blame the paparazzi for the death of Princess Diana in a car crash 12 years ago.

Prince William has studied privacy law after the media attention devoted to his girlfriend, Kate Middleton.

A Buckingham Palace aide said: ”Many years of being intruded upon have taken their toll. The royal family feels they are entitled to a private life, particularly at Christmas.”