The Prince and the Paparazzi

In what feels like a déjà vu all over again situation, a somewhat worse for wear Prince Harry was caught out by paparazzi as he tried to sneak out of a nightclub in London with Natalie Pinkham, who is described as his “very close friend”

The prince seemed astonished that the paparazzi had actually managed to locate him as he moved from one night club to another in central London. Prince Harry reportedly flew into a cocktail fuelled rage at the gathered paparazzi entourage.

He then promptly lost his balance falling with a thump out of his car onto his royal posterior. He then seemed to pick out one particularly enthusiastic photographer and started screaming at him to “F Off”.

Well a least that was the report according to the highly respected investigative Journal New of the World, so there can be little doubt that it is 100% accurate. Prince Harry and his leading lady had earlier been seen dancing cheek to cheek at London club Boujis.

At least on this occasion he managed not to grope the young ladies breasts at the club as he had done on a previous night out with Miss Pinkham four years earlier. Other clubbers said later that the couple were embracing on the dance floor for over an hour and that the Prince had his hands “everywhere”.

As he left the club by the rear entrance he was spotted by a photographer who he promptly chased down the street in a drunken rage after the celebrity snapper had managed to take a few shots of inebriated Prince.

Prince Harry’s drunken behaviour is fast becoming the stuff of legend putting him on a par with famous rock stars of yesteryear and some of today’s Hollywood young guns. If anything the Prince manages to keep up with any of these legendary drinking champions and possibly is far more practised than most of them.

Is it any wonder that newspaper and magazine photographers seek him out at the slightest hint that he may be out on a binge. The kind of photographs that the paparazzi can snap in a few seconds can make them tens of thousands of pounds on the open market such is the demand for embarrassing snaps of the Prince performing in one of his drunken stupors.

It is hard to know whether this is just a young man’s exuberance and the thrill of “having it all” which is usually reserved for overnight pop stars who previously endured relative poverty and a complete lack of notoriety.

At the moment it is hard to imagine where these antics will lead the paparazzi and the Prince. He certainly seems to be keen to pour petrol onto his personal publicity fire.