The girl who inspired Prince Harry is living on 82p a day

Prince Harry was 19-year-old when he visited Lesotho and he was very close to get tears in his eyes when he was told of the dreadful ordeal of a baby girl had suffered. Five-years after that girl is living on 82p a day.

10-months old baby girl, Keke, had been raped and tortured by her stepfather who believed a witch doctor myth that sex with a virgin would cure him of HIV. Holding Keke in his arms Prince Harry was almost get in tears.

Prince Harry said: “I held her in my arms. She couldn’t move. She had no expression. No laughing, no crying. Nothing at all. It almost seemed as though she knew what happened.”

After that Harry decided to set up a charity to help the children of Lesotho, one of the poorest kingdoms in Africa. He named it Sentebale, meaning “forget me not” in memory of Princess Diana. He also vowed to support Keke in her growing up, her education and everything.

However, Five years after that the Daily Mail has tracked down the little girl who stole Prince Harry heart and discovered that, sadly, Keke is living on 82p a day.

Hoping that Keke would have better life with family she was handed back to her family three-years ago. Now, she is being raised there with three of her siblings on her grandmother’s pension of 82p a day.

Her 72-year-old grandmother claims that promises by Sentebale staff to provide food and supplies have not been kept and laments that there is not enough money for even basic essentials such as a bar of soap.

Keke’s grandmother said: “That means Keke has to go to school dirty, which is not good. At school, Keke, who is now six, is so hungry that she struggles to concentrate in class.”

she continued: “We often go hungry because my neighbours cannot support me all the time. I feel so helpless and don’t know what to do. Why do the children have to suffer? Some days I wish I could just die because then I would not have to watch the children suffering. Every day I expect a miracle but nothing happens.”

Keke’s teacher, Matsepo, said: “She is a keen learner but sometimes we see a problem with hunger and that’s affecting her concentration and participation in class. ”

The youngster’s mother, who works in a factory in the capital, does send small amounts of money to her family when possible. She appealed to Harry to help.

She said: “When he came into my daughter’s life I was sure that Prince Harry would support her. I need him to help us now.”