Royal Family is more Tech Savvy than you Imagine

Things may be changing for Britain’s Royal family but they are still the Royal family. They never, ever use their phones in public, or even take them out while on visits. But that does not mean that Members of Royal Family has nothing to do with the latest gadgets. They are more tech savvy than you imagine.

Recently the Royals decided to update and re-launch the official website of The British Monarchy simply because, “we had a call for it and it’s what the people wanted.”

Her Royal Highness The Queen Elizabeth II has been spotted traversing palace corridors with the latest smartphone in her grasp.

“Although Queen is not planning to joing Twitter or Facebook but does value technology which enables her to stay in touch if, say, she is stuck up in the wilds of the Royal estate in Balmoral, Scotland”. According to CBS Report.

A close person to Her Majesty said, “she embraces it, and knows that in order to connect with young people she has to know what it’s all about. And also it does help her plan business meetings.”

Even Prince Charles, at age of 60, recognizes the potential offered by modern communications to branch out and reach his subjects.

Charles pushed hard to see the launch of his own official Prince Of Wales site, and he insists that transcripts of all his speeches are posted promptly, along with his other public thoughts and musings.

As being a keen businessman, Prince Charles has used the Internet to publicize and sell his Duchy Originals line of organic foods to great success. More than 50 percent of Duchy sales are now thanks to customers ordering online, from outside Britain.

Now comes the Young Royals Prince William and brother Prince Harry. As both are the Web 2.0 generation, but it may come as a surprise that the pair use very basic, “pay-as-you-go” type phones.

Reason being told that The phones are used for a while and then destroyed, for security reasons.