Princess Diana comic book “Female Force” released in US

A comic book named “Female Force” based on the Princess Diana has been published in US. The comic presents a glowing image of the Princess Diana as a “a modern British icon” and an “admirable woman”.

princess dianaThe comic book featuring illustrations of Princess Diana, Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince harry. Even it includes Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla.

A comic book based on the life of Princess Diana and featuring illustrations of the Queen, Prince Charles and her sons Prince William and Prince Harry has been published in the US.

Female Force, Published by Bluewater Comics, the book also features illustrations of the last days of Diana’s life including her holiday with Dodi Al Fayed, the tunnel in Paris where she was killed and her funeral.

Female Force also features the “Camillagate” tapes that contained an X-rated chat between the heir and his then-mistress.

But the royal family are described as being “stoic”, and Prince Charles’s “post-divorce love life” is called a “half-hearted cloak-and-dagger attempt to conceal his relationship with his long-time mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles”.