Princes William and Harry’s first Official painting on display

The first official painting of Princes William and Harry was put on display this week at the National Portrait Gallery. Painted by Nicky Philipps. According to the onlookers, both of them look very handsome in the portrait.

Prince harry and william portraitIt is the first time that both of them are depicted together in the same artwork and according to reports, both are thrilled with the final work. It shows the pair engaged in “brotherly banter” as they pose in the Library of Clarence House, their official London residence. Both wear the dress uniform of the Household Cavalry.

Miss Philipps was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery and had five sittings with the Princes over the course of six months, beginning in August 2008. In the picture, Prince Harry is seated in front of a portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother by Savely Sorine. Prince William leans casually against the doorway and a portrait of George Bernard Shaw by Augustus John is visible over his shoulder, on the wall of the sitting room.

Miss Philipps said it was a “great privilege” to be asked to paint the Princes.

She said: “I didn’t want any sort of overbearing formality about it because they are still young and William hasn’t got to his role yet. They are Army officers and they are brothers. Like any sitter, the Princes were a little apprehensive to begin with, but they went along with everything and did everything I asked them. They were good company and very helpful.”

“The pose was instinctive on their part, which I liked. Although I was commissioned to paint them in their official context, I hope I have also captured some of the brotherly banter that characterised the sittings.”