Princes William and Harry could be next Australia’s Governer-General

An adviser told newspaper that young Princes William and Harry could be next Australia’s governor-general. The adviser says the young princes would give “very serious consideration” if either were offered the post.

Prince Harry and Prince WilliamBoth Princes 27-year-old Prince William and 25-year-old Prince Harry are currently engaged with their military training. But their career paths could include a future diplomatic posting such as governor-general of Australia or Canada.

Adviser told Daily Telegraph: “They are a matter for the Australian and Canadian governments. It would not be appropriate for the Royal family to say Prince William or Prince Harry is up for the job. However, if they were to offer it would be given very serious consideration.”

Prince of Wales, Prince Charles coveted the position in the 1980s, but was foiled by then prime minister Bob Hawke who said Australians would not accept a royal “double dose”.

Similarly, Prince William was raised as a potential candidate in 2007 when a biography revealed his interest in the position. Then prime minister John Howard rejected the idea, saying he did not want to alter the practice of “having a person who is an Australian in every way”. As opposition leader, Kevin Rudd said at the time that there was “a great place for the British royals, and it’s in Britain”.

Now Prince William has scheduled three-day an official trip to Australia and New Zealand in January 2010 on behalf of his grandmother, The Queen.

Mr Rudd announced the visit earlier this month, saying the prince wanted to “begin to get to know Australia and its people”.