Prince William Wrote an apology letter on behalf of Queen Elizabeth

Prince William wrote an apology letter on behalf of her grandmother Queen Elizabeth to 109-year-old Catherine Masters, who complain that Her Majesty wore the same yellow dress in all five royal birthday cards sent to congratulate her.

Prince William visited Catherince Masters 2 weeks ago when Catherine Masters’ letter compelled William to promise that his grandmother would wear a new outfit for the next card.

According to the Daily Star reports, the prince visited the Grange Care Centre, Stanford-in-the-Vale, Oxon after staff contacted local MP Ed Vaizey about the pensioner’s letter. “We talked about a lot of things,” newspaper quoted Catherine, who has been invited to a garden party a Buckingham Palace in July, as saying.

“He told me he liked making shepherd’s pie and said he used a masher to mash the potatoes but I told him he was doing it wrong. He should use a fork to fluff the potatoes,” she said.

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