Prince William to make an official tour to Australia in 2010

Prince William,27-year-old, is expected to make an official royal tour to Australia in early 2010 before visiting South Africa in June.

prince william to australiaAccording to the “News of The World” report that plans for the two trips meant the prince would be too busy to marry Kate Middleton in 2010.

“All this talk of a wedding next summer is wide of the mark”, an unnamed Buckingham Palace source told the newspaper.

However, a spokeswoman for Clarence House, official residence of the prince and his father and brother, said she was unable to comment.

“We wouldn’t really be able to confirm anything about that. We don’t discuss Prince William’s future trips.”

The latest speculation about William’s plans to visit Australia comes after the prince told two Victorian tourists in London in July that he was soon to visit Melbourne. 15-year-old Camilla Day and her mother Angela revealed after meeting him at the Tower of London how he told them: “I’m coming to Melbourne soon.”