Prince William stripped in the middle of Parking Lot

According to Britain’s Daily Star Newspaper, 24-year-old Prince Harry of Great Britain shows her underwear unintentionally to a cumulative audience of women. Third in line to throne prince went into a tent to change his sweaty clothes after playing a charity polo game. But his black underwear exposed to the world after he forgot to put the curtains of his tent closed.

A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, “A lot of girls hanging around waiting for an idea of the princes, but this time they have a real eyeful. When Prince Harry saw his audience broke into a huge smile.”

Harry’s big brother Prince William who also played in the charity polo game, was less shy than Prince Harry, the choice of the stripping in the middle of a parking lot.

This is not the first time royal brothers have recently surprised spectators. Last week, Prince William joked about the color of Harry’s hair, who was celebrating with William at RAF Shawbury after passing his exams on his way to become an army helicopter pilot.

Harry said to reporters in short interview with William, “I think he’s definitely got more brains than me, I think we established that from school and his baldness.”

William then said, “It’s pretty rich coming from a ginger.”

Sorry for not getting any pictures of that… i will try to get them as soon as they will be available. 🙂