Prince William secretly met ex-gangsters to eliminate street violence

Prince William, who turned 27 last week, revealed in his first ever article published in Sunday Telegraph titled “how I believe that society can learn from the military Armed Forces Day” on his birthday about his secret meetings with former gang members to gain an insight into street violence.

Second in line to throne, Prince William, writes in article that how many youngsters are striving for “respect” and a sense of belonging. Also he mentioned the country’s challenge is “how to turn gang members into team players.”

“Former gang members have told me that it is precisely to find status, respect from others and the role in a community that we all crave that led them to fall in with gangs in the first place”.

“Essentially, They(gangs) allow members to earn respect by obeying the rules. As such, the fundamental difference so far as I can see between violent street gangs and cohesive teams of contented young people is the destructive violence of the former set against the constructive comradeship of the latter.”

“The challenge, therefore, seems to me to be to how turn gang members into team members”

The private meetings were apparently arranged through the Centrepoint and St Giles Trust charities, which help disadvantaged youngsters.