Prince William has been accused of being WorkShy

PRINCE William has been branded LAZY by a Channel 4 documentary – which accuses him of carrying out far fewer engagements than other royals. “Workshy” Prince William attend only 14 Official Royal engagements in 2007, no fewer than five were either football or rugby matches.

Prince WilliamHowever, Last year, the 27-year-old future king was slightly busier, carrying out 24 public engagements on top of his full time placements with the RAF and Royal Navy which saw him twice fly to the Caribbean on operations. He also enjoyed several holidays, including two trips to Mustique with his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

Channel 4 documentary programme reveals that at the same age his father Prince of Wales Prince Charles managed 84 engagements despite being in the Royal Navy.

Other full-time working royals – including Prince William’s grandmother, the Queen – conduct 500-plus engagements each year.

Channel 4’s Dispatches programme The Problem Princes last night, prompted questions as to why William, who is training to become an RAF search-and-rescue pilot which will put off his full-time royal duties for up to seven years, is being given such an ‘easy ride’.

Royal commentator James Whitaker said: ‘I’m sorry, but as second in line to the throne, he really should be doing more.’

Graeme Smith, of the anti-monarchist group Republic, added: ‘The palace are making this bizarre excuse that he needs to undertake a period of military training so he is ready to be Commander in Chief.

‘It’s nonsense. William will also be head of the Church of England but he’s not going to go off and spend five years as a parish priest.’