Prince William Coaching Harry for hardest stage of flying course

Its been reported that Royal Prince Harry,24, is due to make his first helicopter flight next week on his return from a visit to New York. For that purpose Harry is being coached through the hardest stage of his flying course by his big brother Prince William.

According to The Sun report The royal brothers-in-arms are cramming in extra hours as Wills passes on all he knows about Squirrel helicopters. Prince William has been based at RAF Shawbury since January and hopes to make it as an RAF search and rescue pilot.

Sources at RAF Shawbury where both princes are based revealed the boys have even turned down nights out to swot up. Red Cheeks, Harry will start four months intensive flying training in the single-engined machines in June as his bid to become an Army combat pilot reaches the next stage.

He has been in “ground school” at the Shropshire facility for the past three weeks, preparing for take-off. The small Squirrels are used as entry-level machines for wannabe chopper pilots. Harry has to make the grade flying these aircraft before he can move up.

A source said, “William is proving an excellent coach for his younger brother. He has just completed his Squirrel training so everything is fresh in his mind. The brothers share a house and have spent hours in the evenings preparing for Harry’s first flight.”