Prince William and Kate shocked onlookers by dinning at busy Resturant

Prince William, Second in line to throne, with girlfriend Kate Middleton shocked onlookers by dinning at busy resturant as an ordinary couples and they successfully able to dinned without gettin much public attention.

prince william and kate middleton27-year-old Prince William booked the table at Gilmour’s resturant in London’s exclusive Chelsea district, under the name of Goldsmith. Staff and fellow diners were shocked when the royal prince and kate middleton happily sat in the middle of the restaurant rather than requesting a private eating area.

One onlooker said: “They seemed just like any other young couple out on a date holding hands and leaning across the table to whisper to each other. One might have expected them to want to sit somewhere more discreet. In fact, they had the most visible spot in the place. But, perhaps because they were so ordinary, no one paid them a bit of notice”.

“They weren’t in the least bit fussy, didn’t ask to be moved and didn’t seem to mind where they were sitting.”

Prince William’s bodyguards sat at the bar as the loved-up couple enjoyed dinner.

The source told DailyMail : “They try to have as normal a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend as they can. But, of course, they have to use a bit of imagination when they go out together to avoid attention.”