Prince William and Kate Middleton have “Understanding” to get marry in 2012

Rumor of the day is 27-year-old, 2nd in line to throne, Prince William is reported to marry with Kate Middleton in 2012.

prince william and kate middleton

According to reports The Royal Prince and long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton have an “understanding” that are going to walk down the aisle before the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth of diamonds in 2012.

Royal officials said that was concerned that William needs to be established as a real person working in their own right before being engulfed in the same manner as was his father Prince Charles for his marriage to Princess Diana, and we believe delaying the announcement of hiring him to give more time to do so.

A source told reporters: “William knows that as soon as an announcement is made their lives will never be the same again. It is now accepted among senior members of the family that William and Kate will marry. They are totally committed to each other”.

“But the timing is very important. It would have to be wrong to force the situation before William is established in his own right. In the future it is hoped that Kate will play a supporting role, rather as the Duchess of Cornwall has for the Prince of Wales.”