Prince Philip held Prince Harry in High Regards Despite Mexgit

HRH Late Prince Philip held Prince Harry in high regards despite the prince mexgit debacle resulting in Prince Harry stepping down from the royal family. Sovereign Philip had an amazingly close relationship with Prince Harry and all of this didn’t change even after Prince Harry disregarded his royal obligation and to get settled in the USA with his wife Megan Markle.

As indicated by insiders, the late Duke of Edinburgh held Harry in high respects regardless of him venturing down from the regal family.

“[Philip] and Harry had a cosy relationship,” a source revealed to Us Weekly.

“While they might not have had the option to communicate during the last year or so of his life, Philip thought amazingly affectionately of his grandson and the other way around,” the insider added.

Prince Harry has landed at Heathrow Airport on 12th April to attend grandpa’s burial service, held yesterday after his death on Last Friday, 9th April.

Due to her pregnancy and doctor advice, the Duchess of Sussex is not accompanying Prince Harry to attend the funeral. This is the first time for Prince Harry to meet his Royal Family in person after the shocking interview with Oprah Winfrey last month.