Prince Harry’s signatured Guitar at Dorchester Auction

Paul Sundt, 28-year-old talented musician, from Wymouth, has been given the Royal Stamp of approval and bears Prince Harry’s signature three-years ago. Now Paul is putting feelers out to find its worth and has asked valuation experts at Dorchester auction house Duke’s to investigate.

prince harry signatured guitarPaul was delighted when the Prince Harry agreed to sign the top of his Ibanez Prestige guitar. The opportunity came after Paul played a gig at Lulworth Army Camp three years ago when the prince was undergoing part of his tank troop leader training.

A party was thrown for officers and Weymouth rock band Beaver were asked to perform. Band members, including lead guitarist Paul, were stunned when Prince Harry turned up and started dancing. He chatted to them afterwards, gave autographs and was delighted when the band presented him with a Beaver T-shirt.

The band has since split up but Paul has kept his guitar, which is signed ‘Harry Wales.’ The prince also included a smiley face under his signature, which he accidentally smudged. The guitar was bought about 10 years ago for £500 but could be worth more with its famous signature.

Paul, who studied at the prestigious Guitar Institute in London and now makes his living playing in bands, said: “The guitar does mean a lot to me but I’ve got a new one now so I wondered how much it might be worth. I have great memories about the night we played when Prince Harry turned up. He was really pleasant and chatty and just like one of the lads. His bodyguard even got up on stage with us and sang Wild Thing.”

“At the end I asked Harry if he would sign the guitar and he said he would think about it if we kept on playing. It was a tongue in cheek bribe we were happy to accept.”