Prince Harry Wishes to Marry Before Returns to Afghanistan

Prince Harry in Afghanistan
According to the reports Prince Harry wishes to Marry Chelsy Davy before he returns to Afghanistan. That left the Royal aides, who are trying to fix the dates for Prince William and Kate Middleton, astounded.

The fact that Harry is third in line to the throne may be a problem, even though there is no legal restriction to a quickie royal wedding.

A Royal Aide told Daily Star: “We have to establish if Prince Harry is really serious about this, and if it’s possible first”.

Meanwhile, a family friend said: “Harry is completely committed to Chelsy and wants everyone to know it. He doesn’t have time to sit around and wait for his brother to make up his mind. Harry has been to Afghanistan before and he knows only too well that where he’s going life really can be too short to worry about protocol.”

Harry may head to the Middle East in the end of next year, as he has to first take combat training, which usually takes one year to complete.