Prince Harry wins “Horsa Trophy” from initial helicopter training

The Prince Harry won the Horsa Trophy upon graduating from training at RAF Barkston Heath, Lincs. He was voted as “The Man You Would Most Want on Your Squadron” by instructors and fellow trainee Army Air Corps Pilots. Horsa was a Second World War glider named after a 5th century warrior.

Prince Harry

Earlier reports had suggested that the Prince was an “instinctive pilot” but had trouble remembering checks and procedures and was rated “average” overall. He also failed a maths exam in his first week.

A source told The Sun, “It shows he is not only popular, but has natural pilot skills.”

24-year-old The Prince, known as Lieutenant Wales, who flew solo for the first time in March, has now joined his brother Prince William at RAF Shawbury, Shropshire, for the next phase of flight training. He will remain a lieutenant in the Household Cavalry regiment (Blues and Royals) until he qualifies.

Third in line to Throne began training in January and appears to have re-directed his career in a bid to give himself a better chance of serving on the frontline.

In February last year, the Prince spent 10 weeks serving in Afghanistan.