Prince Harry Will Join League of Expert Pilots to Fly Apache

Its been reported that Prince Harry may soon join the league of expert pilots who will fly an Apache helicopter.

Prince Harry Will Join League

Prince Harry who was once said he didn’t have the “brain capacity” to fly an Apache, sophisticated combat helicopter. Harry who is currently training at the Army Air Corps headquarters in Middle Wallop, Hampshire is being considered to fly the aircraft after doing well in training.

One of superiors at Middle Wallop said to Mail on Sunday newspaper, He said: “Harry has done better on his course than we were expecting and that is why the Apache is now being considered for him. You have to be able to take in a lot of information very quickly and have good situational awareness and Harry has proved that he has.

He added: “Prince Harry has a good idea that he has been shortlisted and he’s really had his head down as he has a lot of work on at the moment. His dream is to fly an Apache and we’ve told him it will all depend on how he does on the next part of the course. It certainly hasn’t been ruled out.”

If the prince does get to fly the Apache, it might mean he could return to the front line in Afghanistan, where he served in December 2008. The prince until now has been learning to fly a Lynx utility helicopter, used for support and convoy protection as well as ferrying troops around. but Apaches have a more direct combat role.

However, Prince will have to undergo another 6-8weeks of training before any decision on a helicopter is made.