Prince Harry will face the “The Naked Runway Challenge”

Prince Harry will be challenged to run naked down the runway at RAF Barkston Heath in an initiation ritual to earn his “Drinking Wings” before he can fly the friendly skies.

His big brother, Prince William, also to face the challenge of drinking beer through a straw from a toilet and then get buckets of icy water tipped over his head.

prince harry will face the The naked run

The princes are both training to become helicopter pilots – Harry is on a two-year course to become a pilot with the Army Air Corps, while William wants to become a search and rescue pilot with the Royal Air Force – and are expected to take part in the rituals at their respective bases.

Prince William joins RAF Shawbury in Shropshire next month, where it is claimed new recruits drink beer from a toilet through a straw while having buckets of ice tipped on their heads.

A source said: “No one is forced to take part but I don’t know a single person who has chickened out. I’m sure William will be keen to prove he is one of the boys.”

The source told The Sun newspaper: “Harry’s test will be different. The runway is long, and freezing at this time of year. It’s always a relief when you have passed the initiation and earned your drinking wings!”

That will be a real fun for the Royal Princes…. isn’t it?