Prince Harry wants to get a tattoo on Bum of Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry Tattoo
Its been reported that Prince Harry wants to get a tattoo on his bum of Chelsy Davy’s name. Report said that Prince Harry wants to have something that prove his commitment and will stay private between him and chelsy.

One of Prince Harry Friend told Daily Star: “He wants something that will stay private between her and him but something that will show Chelsy that he means to make it last. A ring is out of the question until his military training is over so this is the next best thing”.

The pal added: “Despite the problems caused by the distance, they are both certain they will make a go of it. Obviously because of who he is, Harry isn’t going to have her name on his knuckles. He has something a lot more private and intimate in mind. Just her initial and some kind of image. It has to be something that won’t show when he’s in uniform.”