Prince Harry to propose Chelsy Davy this Christsmas

Its been rumored that Prince Harry will propose Chelsy Davy this Christmas holiday. The pair are dating again and spotted recently in London’s trendy Notting Hill district.

prince harry and chelsy davyBookies Paddy Power who is betting 4/1 for Prince Harry proposing Chelsy Davy this Chritsmas also speculating the couple will tied in knot most probably in 2014. With older brother Prince William already thought to have set aside 2012 for his wedding to Kate Middleton.

Its also been reported that Prince Harry allegedly wooed Chelsy back by pretending to be in a relationship with another girl over social networking site Facebook, the same medium the South African heiress used to break it off with Prince Harry in January 2009.

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power, said: “It seems that Harry and Chelsy are still very much in love and if absence makes the heart grow fonder then it wouldn’t surprised us if they decided to cement their “status” this Christmas.”