Prince Harry to Play Tambourine for Official Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Song

Prince Harry Plays Tambourine
Prince Harry is to play tambourine for the Official Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Song by British pop group Take and Military Wives Choir That lead by vocalist Gary Barlow. Prince Harry who is known for his multi talented activities will become the first British Royal who recorded a song on any type.

27-year-old Prince Harry will play tambourine alongside Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band. Song named “Sing” is co-written by Gary Barlow and composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Song will be part of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee album by Gary Barlow and Commonwealth Band. Album is scheduled to release later this May 2012.

On Prince Harry participation in song, Garry Barlow told reporters: “We caught him on his last day in Jamaica. We turned up and I asked him would he play on the record and he said, ‘I don’t sing.’ But I said: ‘No, no — I don’t want you to sing, I want you to play the tambourine’. And so he said it’ll cost you. Then we met him later on that night and he did the tambourine hit and we spun it into the track. He probably hasn’t got a clue what he’s part of just yet”.

Barlow added: “He’s a great guy Harry, a lot of people I met in Australia, he was their favorite. They loved him, especially the older women. I think he’s one of the Queen’s favorites as well”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Song composer said: “The song will become a song that is sung in celebration for many years to come”.

According to the resources song “Sing” will be performed live on 4th June at Diamond Jubilee Concert in front of Buckingham Palace.