Prince Harry to inherit £6.5m from Diana’s estate on his Birthday

Third in line to throne, The Charming, Prince Harry who is celebrating his 25th birthday on 15th September is suppose to inherit £6.5millions from his mother Princess Diana’s estate. However, like Prince William will be prevented from spending the money until he turns 30.

prince harry and princess dianaDiana had an estate of £21 million, but more than £8 million was paid in inheritance tax, leaving £12,966,022. It was split equally between her lovely sons William and Harry. Through investments, it is likely to have grown substantially since the princess’s death 12 years ago. But it is not known how or if the economic downturn has affected the amount.

Changes agreed to the will in December 1997 meant that, upon reaching 25, William and Harry would be entitled to the whole of the income of their share. Before the age of 25, income could be paid at the trustees’ discretion.

Prince Harry who is already gaining around £300,000 a year from income generated by his portion of the estate money which will go straight into his bank account upon his birthday.

The royal household said it would not discuss Harry’s “private financial arrangements.”

A source told The Sun that the Prince would not celebrate because he will be busy on his helicopter flying course. The source told the newspaper: “It’s unlikely he will even be allowed a drink.”