Prince Harry to Host a Reality Music Show at Buckingham Palace in October

Prince Harry Music Show
Prince Harry took another step for his charity work and turned himself a TV presenter as he hosts the special BBC reality show aiming to help youngsters from tough backgrounds and help them to find a new start in life with music.

Its been reported that Prince Harry has already shot his first scenes at Buckingham Palace for the show with drum and bass DJ Goldie, singer Cerys Mathews and rapper Ms Dynamite.

Royal aide told Daily Star reporter: “Harry has met Goldie before and they get on very well. So when the idea for this series came up he jumped at the chance to work with him. Harry’s family may have the royal mace and the Crown Jewels but Goldie has plenty of bling himself.”

The BBC series will broadcast in October with a live show inside Buckingham Palace hosted by Harry and his celebrity pals.

The source added: “Harry is a big fan of reality shows like The X Factor but what he really liked about this one was that it is all about encouraging and mentoring. There’s no nasty stuff and nobody gets voted off or laughed at. Harry believes that music can be a way for kids who haven’t had the best of starts in life to pull themselves up and get a new chance. It features people from all musical backgrounds, from classical to hip-hop and rock,” the royal aide added”.