Prince Harry Spotted Wearing Pink Nails and Boxers

Prince Harry has left many baffled after being spotted with pink nails as he stepped out of a posh nightclub Raffles at 3:39am Sunday 15th March, 2009.

Harry was partying at Raffles, in Chelsea, south-west London the same club where he romanced society beauty Astrid Harbord last weekend. But there was no sign this time of millionaire’s daughter Astrid, 27, who went back to Clarence House with him last Saturday.

Whether he had done it to mark Comic Relief day or even to go with the pink striped boxer shorts that poked above his jeans remained open to speculation.

“No one knows why he had painted his nails and the fact that he had painted only one hand was even stranger”, one guest told The Mail on Sunday.

“It looked most bizarre and Harry seemed a bit embarrassed by it. He kept slipping his hand in his jeans pocket. We all know he likes the ladies and has served in Afghanistan, so it was a bit of a shock.

“I can’t imagine it going down to well with his military mates. He is supposed to be hard as nails not painting them.”

A source added: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry did it for a bet — or to raise cash for Comic Relief. He can be quite a prankster”.

Harry, who was drinking Vodka Red Bull and Vodka Apples during the night, will no doubt be removing the nail varnish before he returns to his Army training ground at Middle Wallop, Hampshire, tomorrow morning.

The 24-year-old, who is training to be a helicopter pilot, is allowed home at weekends.

Brother William was also out clubbing alone on Comic Relief night half a mile down the road. He was also partying at Kitts nightclub in Sloane Square without long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton. The swanky venue, named after the Caribbean island of St Kitts, is a favourite with Kate, who celebrated her 26th birthday there.

Guests were surprised to see him wearing a scuffed and dirty pair of loafers at Kitts club in Sloane Square.