Prince Harry Spotted Smoking during Charity Walking with the Wounded in Arctic

Prince Harry Smoking
Everyone who thought Prince Harry has quit smoking it is not a good news for Prince Harry fans. Prince Harry spotted and photographed smoking cigarette during his training session before Walking with the Wounded Charity walk in Arctic.

According to DailyMail report Prince Harry was snapped taking a drag on some Marlboro Golds. He is even believed to have taken cigarettes with him to the Arctic.

Prince Harry started smoking when he was only 14. In 2003, when he left school, he was seen smoking in public first time during a polo match at Cirencester.

In 2008 when he came back from Afghanistan he claimed of quit smoking but Prince Harry spotted smoking outside an airport terminal.

A source told The Sun: “Harry doesn’t seem able to give up once and for all. One reason he smokes is boredom. He’s been learning to fly helicopters which is great when you’re flying but there’s a lot of sitting around”.

We all really wish Prince Harry should quit smoking as soon as possible.