Prince Harry spotted in small town of Philippine

A white male foreigner created quite a stir in a quiet town Dumanjug of Cebu, Philippines as people believed him to be Prince Harry of England, in town for humanitarian work.

No one in Cebu could confirm or deny that the man was indeed Prince Harry but Dumanjug Mayor Cesar Baricuatro said he believed it was him. “Harry’s” group went to the office of the mayor to pay a courtesy call on Tuesday.

“I asked the guy on how should I address him, whether His Majesty or His Excellency, but the leader of the group said ‘Mayor, just call him Harry’,” Baricuatro spoke to reporters.

The young man only smiled at the mayor when Baricuatro asked him if he was indeed the prince of England.

The mayor said the man whom he believed to be Prince Harry was part of a group of around 20 youths, mostly Tagalog-speaking who started painting the façade of the Dumanjug Central School on Monday.

Baricuatro said the teachers at the Dumanjug Central School who coordinated the courtesy call, told him that he would be meeting Prince Harry. But he said he could not confirm it for himself because he was not familiar with the Prince. He said He had received reports that a private vehicle brought “Prince Harry” to the school and came back for him at the end of the day.

However, the British Embassy in Manila said Wednesday Prince Harry is not in Cebu. Moya Jackson, honorary consul for United Kingdom in Cebu, said it was impossible for Prince Harry to be in Cebu without being noticed, and without her knowing about it.

“I tell you something, it might be some guy who is a bit gaga, calling himself Prince Harry. It’s impossible… it’s probably somebody who is either not quite right in the head pretending to be him. It’s impossible for me not to know Prince Harry is in that area. And I would say, the last place he will go to would be Dumanjug”, she told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIA) general manager Danilo Francia also said that he should know if Prince Harry passed through the airport because there was no way for him to have come without security arrangements, no matter how discreet.

Baricuatro said the visit of Prince Harry in his office lasted for 30 minutes but he did not talk that much because many people wanted to pose for a picture with the “prince.”

He said he and his family also posed for souvenir picture with the young man and he even carried the mayor’s two-year-old granddaughter Alexa. But the mayor refused to share the picture with reporters.