Prince Harry spent a steamy night at Chelsy’s House

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy spent a steamy night at Chelsy’s house where Chelsy gave Prince Harry an early Christmas present and invited him to enjoy a night with her.

prince harry and chelsy davy
Prince Harry arrived at her London home just after 11pm and did not emerge until 7:50am. It follows a series of steamy dates enjoyed by the pair.

A friend said: “After a few dates and a lot of talking about what the future may hold, Chelsy felt comfortable enough again to invite Harry around for the night. They had a couple of drinks watched a movie …and you can probably guess the rest.”

Friend continued: “Harry had to leave early the next morning because of work, but he desperately wanted to stay. It’s as if they’re in the first flush of love again and their friends are ecstatic. Everyone feels they’re meant to be. We’re all sure they’ll be more sleepovers to come.”

According to Daily Star report It is thought Harry now plans to whisk Chelsy off for an exotic secret break once the Royal Family’s Christmas holiday is over