Prince Harry spent £10,000 in 4hrs on Bottles of Champagne

Party lover Prince Harry spent £10,000 to completely strangers in champagne party in the VIP section of his favorite club in London.


According to The Sun report Prince Harry treated complete strangers to £200 bottles of Moet and Laurent Perrier Champagne while He and half a dozen of friends went at his favorite club in Kensington, South West London on Friday night after intensive pilot training.

Nightclub customer Mustafa Ahmed said: “My mate saw Harry and we bought him a bottle of champagne because we like the guy. He’s a bit of a hero as he fought for his country. Half an hour later he returned the favour with interest and bought us two bottles. He must have had about 15 bottles of champagne on his table and I reckon he splashed out on more than double that for other people, he was really generous.”

Student Mustafa, 21, of Wood Green, North London, went on: “The bottles go for £200 a pop in there, but he just kept ordering. He must have shelled out about £10,000 in about four hours.”

Ali Musa, 21, another who chatted with the prince in the early hours of Saturday said: “I was surprised he approached us. He even did a street grip handshake. He got up when the DJ played funky house music and was messing about on the dance floor, shaking everyone’s hands.”

A Royal aide added: “At the moment he’s actually working incredibly hard on his flying training so he is taking it pretty easy on nights out and sticking to the odd beer or glass of champagne.”

Army Air Corps trainee pilot Harry is approaching the end of his course and will find out in the next few weeks if he is to fly a Lynx or an Apache.