Prince Harry smoking 10 to 20 cigarettes everyday

Last week “Prince Harry spotted Smoking after quitting for a Year“. Cigarettes have played a part in Harry’s life since his early school days. He says he wishes he’d never started smoking, but alas, it’s back.

prince harry smoking habit

His father, Prince Charles, who has never smoked, is stunned at Harry’s recent return to smoking and is appalled that his son was recaptured by nicotine addiction so easily. and now 24-year-old, third in line to throne, Prince Harry is smoking 10/20 cigarettes everyday (more than when he’s out partying).

A Source close to Prince Harry told: “He has been putting himself under extreme pressure, and when that happens he turns back to cigs. Many past attempts have failed, but now, Harry feels he may at last have found a way to kick the habit for good.”

Paul McKenna – the man with a “guru-like trance” may can help Prince Harry quit smoking. Harry has been given a copy of McKenna’s book “Quit Smoking Now” by a friend. The book has been a best-seller for the one-time stage hypnotist and has received many endorsements from celebrities and ordinary people around the world.

A Source added: “He knows that he doesn’t set a great example to people around him and younger fans who look up to him, and he does try hard to quit, but he’d be the first to admit that he now needs to try harder. Harry is apparently going to try and give up cigarettes cold-turkey, as he wants to be at peak fitness for his coming months of helicopter training.”