Prince Harry Promoted to Captain in Army Air Corps

Prince Harry promoted Captain
After serving for five years in British Army Prince Harry promoted to Captain in Air corps. St. James’ Palace announced that Prince Harry was promoted to Captain on Thursday, April 14 in the Army Air Corps.

Prince Harry who was previously lieutenant also won his Apache badge on thursday means he has completed eight-month course of night flying and ground school training. Prince Harry is now certified to fly Apache helicopter without any instructor.

Prince Harry now has progressed to the next level of his pilot training to become fully operational Army Air Corps Pilot. During his training he will be trained for operating aircraft and its weapon systems.

Although his next level of training will be based out of Wattisham Airfield. However, a portion of course will take place in US.

Prince Harry who has served 10-weeks in Afghanistan is first member of Royal family who served in War since his uncle Prince Andrew flew helicopter during the Falklands War in 1982.