Prince Harry planning to participate in Polo Tournament for “Sentebale”

Prince Harry, 25-year-old, is planning to participate in a fund raising polo match for his charity Sentebale to help orphans in Africa.

prince harry polo
Third-in-line to throne Prince Harry will meet potential donors from Virginia next month at at Clarence House. And it is being reported they will discuss switching an annual polo tournament in which Prince Harry takes part, from Gloucestershire to America.

Saroj Chakravarty, the founder of the Chakravarty Cup, told Telegraph reporter: “I’m organising a meeting at Clarence House with the Virginia investors. Among them are some travel companies that are keen for the exposure.”

Harry touched hearts during a celebrity fundraising visit in New York in May that saw the attendance of several top superstars including Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

A friend of the Prince Harry said: “It was a big success and raised a substantial six-figure sum. He is keen for the American Friends of Sentebale to build on that success. He was delighted with his reception.”

Sentebale would not be the only charity to benefit from the Chakravarty tournament. The Prince’s Trust, which has been supported by the cup in previous years, would benefit, as would a cancer hospital in Virginia.

Mr.Chakravarty told: “These Virginian businesses are capable of raising £150,000 and there are lots of companies in America that are interested in getting involved. It’s difficult to get Prince William and Harry to go long distances unless the money raised is big. I have got to break my record of £170,000.”