Prince Harry moved on to another relation so as Chelsy Davy

A few days ago we reported that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy are about to rekindle their romance. However, latest news is Prince Harry has moved on to another relation and so as Chelsy Davy as well.

prince harry playboy

24-year-old, third in line to throne, Prince Harry is reported to be with attractive PR girl Stephanie Haynes, 30, who works for the luxury brand Armani. The pair know each other because Stephanie is best friends with Charlotte Cowan, girlfriend of Harry’s close friend Arthur Landon.

Harry and Stephanie enjoyed a night out recently and Stephanie, who is said to be smitten with the Prince, has excitedly told pals that he even invited her back to Clarence House.

A source told reporters, “Stephanie is one of the loveliest girls you’ll meet and Harry seemed rather taken with her. They were out with a group of friends and there was a definite attraction between the two of them and they have been in touch since. Harry has a thing for blondes and there are several he’s always texting on his BlackBerry. Stephanie is one of them”.

A source close to the Prince said, “He has a reputation for being a playboy, and he’s enjoying being single but he’s a very caring and sensitive soul and loves being in a meaningful relationship. He was gutted when things didn’t work out with Chelsy”.

On the other hand Chelsy Davy who is dating with nightclub promoter Dominic Rose now a days said to still have friendhship with Royal Prince and has even invited Harry to visit her at her home in South Africa this summer.