Prince Harry’s meeting with 99-Year Old Touched Many Hearts

Prince Harry meets 99-Year old

The Prince Charming as we call Prince Harry once again showed that He is the charming son of Princess Diana, People’s princess. This Monday, Prince Harry visited Lancashire to attend series of events. But one meeting in particular touched many hearts.

In his last visit to northwestern England in 2015 after the area was badly hit by storms. Prince Harry met 97-year old local resident Winnie Hodson (who is now 99-year old). In his second trip this Monday, Prince Harry remembered her.

Winnie Hodson’s 77-year old daughter, who were accompanied with her mother and also named Winnie, was touched when Prince Harry came to them and told them that He remembered her mother. She told reporters, “Prince Harry remembered her mother from last time. He was asking how we were and about the floods.”

This is really cute and heart touching for millions of fans like us.

Later that afternoon, HRH Prince Harry visited Brockholes Nature Reserve in Preston and watched a group of blindfolded teenagers taking part in ecotherapy activities. Activities were designed to help people deal with mental health issues such as anxiety and to build up their confidence and team skills.

Prince Harry Campfire

Prince Harry also watched another group of teenagers sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows and making damper bread. However, Prince Harry declined marshmallow (That was a surprise for many as marshmallows are the common sweet for children in UK).

Prince Harry, who spent 10-years in Army, said, “I have never toasted marshmallow over a campfire. They are too sweet for me. But i have made campfire and slept under the stars more than I have slept in bed.”

Prince Harry called for a generation of young people who have grown up watching television screens, computers and smartphones to go outside and discover the great nature.

Prince Harry then told the teenagers, “You guys are the lucky ones, getting to do this. Tell your friends to get out out in the countryside, get out and enjoy the great outdoors.”

Some of the girls were thrilled that Prince Harry gave them hugs.