Prince Harry Locked himself in Tiolet to Escape from Crazy Girls

Prince Harry gets into a funny situation when he had to hide and locked himself in a tiolet to escape from group of crazy girls during a boys night out at a local club.


According to the News of the World report Prince Harry was in De Niros in Newmarket, Suffolk club when a bunch of girls went mad to get his pictures from their mobile phones.

News of the World quoted from an onlooker, he said: “It was mayhem when one girl spotted Harry they all went mad for him. They wanted their picture with him but he just wanted a quiet life, so he went to the gents’ toilet to get away. But nothing would put them off. They dashed after him and a group of them piled into the toilet after him. The poor chap couldn’t even escape in there.”

Another source said: “He was just having a lads night out. In London clubs he and William are largely left alone, but Harry caused a bit of a stir out in the sticks”.

“There’s no escape,” said the onlooker.

However, Harry took the whole incident on a lighter note and joke about it to his pals saying that he felt like one of the Beatles.