Prince Harry kisses a man for a Free Beer

25-year-old Prince Harry burst into laugh and gave a kiss on cheek when 21-year-old man Rocky Bennett approach to Prince and offer him a free bottle of beer in exchange for a kiss.

Petrol Station manager Rocky Bennett was literaly on the moon when Royal Prince, who was out enjoying a midweek night out with fellow trainee pilots at the Liquid nightclub close to RAF Henlow, accepted his offer and gave him kiss on his left cheek.

Ricky told reporters: “I went up to him and told him I would love to buy him a drink if he gave me a kiss, Harry just burst out laughing, threw his arms around me and kissed me on the left cheek.”

Ricky continued: “It was so crazy to see Harry out in Stevenage. It’s not exactly the most exotic place. He went upstairs to the VIP lounge at first but then came down to the main bar. He was with about eight other guys and security was tight but when I went over to him he was lovely. I told him how much I had admired his mother Princess Diana and how I thought she would be proud of him.”

“He seemed very merry but he was still willing to talk to people. So I went to the bar to buy him a drink and got my kiss.”

Ricky added: “Lots of people were trying to talk to Harry but he handled it really well. He stayed out until after 3am and by the end he seemed really wasted. Afterwards we saw him in the McDonald’s across the road. Harry ordered a quarterpounder meal with a coke I think he wanted to sober up.”

Ricky told reporters in joy: “I’m not going to wash my face for a month now!”