Prince Harry is unlikely to return to frontline until 2013

It has been revealed 25-year-old, Prince Harry who is an army officer and currently taking military helicopter training is unlikely to return to the frontline until at least 2013.

prince harry helicopter training
Senior officers at the Army Air Corps have warned him his military helicopter training schedule will be too intensive for him to return to a warzone in the near future.

A source told Daily Mail newspaper: “Harry has been told that he won’t be going back to the front line as quickly as he had thought.”

Source added: “He has set his heart on flying the Lynx helicopter but he has to pass his exams and complete his training. He will need at least 18 months’ air experience before the Army would even think about sending him to a war zone.”

Another source added: “If he does end up flying a Lynx, there’s no guarantee he will go to war. He could be sent to an earthquake zone or a recovery mission.”