Prince Harry is promoted to captain in rank equivalent to Prince William

Its been reported that Prince Harry, 25-year-old, third in line to throne is being promoted to captain in rank which will put Prince Harry on an equal salary footing to Prince William. The promotion is expected to come in May 2010.

prince william and harry

Both princes who joined army at almost same time but Prince William was promoted more quickly because of his St Andrew’s university degree. Prince Harry graduated from Sandhurst in 2006. Both brothers are currently training to be helicopter pilots.

A source told the Daily Mail newspaper: “Harry will be made a captain around May, and it will be a real turning point for him. The boys (Prince William and Harry) are very competitive and the news of Harry becoming captain will no doubt ignite rivalry between them.”

Prince Harry currently earns between £29,006 and £32,061 as a lieutenant, which will rise to a maximum of £44,000 as a captain.

Its been reported that Prince Harry who is currently training with the Army Air Corps at Middle Wallop in Hampshire celebrated the news of his promotion with a trip out to London nightclub Raffles.