Prince Harry is preparing to quit his pilot training

The rumors of Britain’s Prince Harry is preparing to quit his pilot training is everywhere in news. Prince Harry, 24, has been told he cannot afford even one more hitch in his struggle to become an Apache attack helicopter ace.

Its been reported that Prince Harry aides are negotiating a “rescue plan” with army officials to “parachute him out” of the training course because it is too hard for him. Harry, who hopes to fly Apache attack helicopters on the front line in Afghanistan has already failed one written exam and RAF sources fear he will flunk more.

The prince has already had one narrow escape after flunking his written exams.

Speaking to Daily Star, A senior Army Officer said, “Harry has a lot of heart and a lot of determination but he is drowning in academic requirements. He knows it and we all hope he can overcome it.”

“It’s not enough at this stage just to have good co-ordination. Each flight means 100 calculations about fuel, wind, enemy fire and payload. It’s no video game! Everyone hopes Harry will make the cut but there’s no shame in trying your best and not quite getting there. He is showing a lot of guts.” One Pilot said.

Third in line to throne prince also admitted that he is “Struggling to cope” with his training when he talked after a charity polo match in New York.

He said, “The flying is fantastic. But there are times I’ve thought, I’m really not cut out for this mentally. It’s really intense. I knew it was going to be tough, but never thought it would be this tough. I hope I’ve got the physical skills to fly a helicopter. But there are the exams and everything. I can’t do maths. I gave that up when I left school.”

Harry has successfully completed his fixed-wing training and could qualify to fly twin turbo-propped Defender planes, mainly used for high-altitude surveillance or as airborne command HQs.