Prince Harry is Interested in Climbing Mount Everest Next Year

Prince Harry Climbs Mount Everest
In a welcome party for wounded servicemen who were part of expedition to the North Pole for charity program “Walking with the Wounded”, Prince Harry said he is interested in their next expedition to Mount Everest.

Third in line to throne, Prince Harry also had spent four days with the servicemen during their expedition to North Pole told Cpatain Martin Hewitt, who will lead the Mount Everest Expedition in month of May next year 2012.

Prince Harry said: “See you on the next one”.

Captain Hewitt told reporters: “Something tells me he’ll be a little too busy with his royal and military commitments to do the entire trip. But we’ll see what he’s willing to be involved with”.

Prince Harry, who is the pattern of Walking with the wounded charity, highly praised the members of charity program. Pince Harry said: “These guys are very very special and hugely modest. Notice how none of them have actually talked about themselves at all. It’s clearly obvious to everybody in this room, family and friends, and all the support as well, just quite how unbelievably inspirational these guys are”.