Prince Harry is “Harry Swotter”

Prince Harry has changed now spends most of his evenings locked in his room with his books after being warned he could fail his training course to become an Army helicopter pilot.

Army sources have revealed that the Royal is trying his best to impress his instructors. After initially failing a series of theory tests, Harry is now determined to pass the course to become a chopper pilot.

24-year-old nightclub-loving Royal wants to fly Apache gunships for the Army Air Corps in Afghanistan but was shocked to receive a warning that he is in danger of flunking the course because of his lack of academic prowess.

“It has been a real shock to his system and a steep learning curve.”

The source added: “I think he really underestimated how much work he would need to do. His head is buried in a book most nights now. He’s really working hard. He’s Harry Swotter.”

Instructors at RAF Barkston Heath in Lincolnshire have said that although the Prince has a natural talent for flying, they still worry about his ability to pass the theory parts of the course and are giving him extra tuition to get through.

“He’s got two years to get it right but it’s going to be touch and go,” said an Army source.