Prince Harry is furious on Aussie Magazine leaked his presence in Afghanistan

Prince Harry, who served 10 weeks in Afghanistan, showed his frustration against Australian Gossip Magazine who revealed his presence in Afghanistan which force him to come back from Afghanistan.

prince harry afghanistan
Two years ago New Idea had published a report revealing that the Prince was fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan with the cavalry regiment the Blues and Royals.

The Daily Star reported Prince Harry showed his anger on the Aussie press after he was asked about the situation in Afghanistan during a lavish charity function where seats sold for $1000 a head.

Daily Star quoted him: “I would love to go back to Afghanistan but the f**king Aussie press ruined it for me. It was awesome out there and I didn’t want to leave early but I didn’t have a choice.”

The Herald Sun in Melbourne records that the outburst came just weeks before his brother Prince William visits Australia. William will spend three days in Australia in January to become better acquainted with the country.