Prince Harry is a pain in the a**e?

On this Sunday Prince’s Prince William and Prince Harry stunned local at Dabling Duck in Norfolk, England by visiting local resturant. And the manager jokingly told Prince William “Prince harry is a pain in the a**”.

prince harry and prince william

25-year-old Prince Harry couldn’t eat his roast chicken with out mayonnaise and asked manager Steve Chase for the condiment, saying: “Sorry for being a pin in the a**e but can I have mayonnaise?”

When the royal brothers left, Steve joked to William: “Don’t bring your brother back – he’s a pain in the a**e!”

Charlotte Bishop, who runs the pub with Steve, told The Sun: “I’ve never heard of mayonnaise with roast chicken before but we had a jar handy.”

It is thought William and Harry are staying at the nearby royal estate Sandringham as they prepare for the start of the pheasant shooting season.