Prince Harry invited Chris Vermeulen to England for Motorbike Lessons

Its been reported that Queensland champion grand prix motorcycle racer, Chris Vermeulen, has been invited to England to give private lessons to Prince Harry.

prince harry and chris vermeulen24-year-old, third in line to throne, Prince Harry asked to meet Chris while he was competing at the British MotoGP in Donington late last month, a race in which the Suzuki rider finished 13th.

Its been reported that 27-year-old motorbike racer recieved an email last week from his one of biggest fans – Prince Harry. Chris, who ranked 9th in the MotoGP world championship standings, presented the prince with the helmet he wore for the Donington grand prix.

Julie Vermeulen, mother of Chris Vermeulen, said Prince Harry asked her son for private riding lessons. “He has asked Chris to give him lessons on a track in England. Apparently, Prince Harry is a really nice fellow, very friendly. He’s got a Triumph he rides and he looking at getting a Ducati.”

Julie said she was “surprised and excited” that Prince Harry had invited the family to Buckingham Palace but they would not be able to accept the offer for a while.

Chris Vermeulen said, “He(Prince Harry) really enjoys his riding and he wants to get on the track. Obviously there’s security issues with him being out on the circuit with a lot of people. He wants to get out on the track and really feel a bike at speed so he asked if we could organise doing some lessons”.

“We’re looking into getting some circuits organised and where it fits in for both of us.”

“I’ve been invited down to their father’s house to see the gardens, obviously Prince Charles, and next year to have tea with the Queen at her garden party, so it’s quite good really,” he said.

Vermeulen says he expects to visit England next year.