Prince Harry: “I Can’t Do Maths”

Third in a line to Throne, 24-year-old, Prince Harry admitted that He can’t Do maths. Prince Harry has conceded that he may not be cut out to be a combat helicopter pilot as the academic challenges of his military training are daunting due to his inability to “do maths”.

“There’s times when I thought, I’m really not cut out for this, mentally. I hope I’ve got the physical skills to fly a helicopter. But mentally, there’re the exams and everything. I mean, I can’t do maths. I gave that up when I left school, as anyone does at that age.”

“But, I have been throwing myself back in the deep end,” the media quoted him at the end of his first official engagement abroad in New York.

Prince Harry, who is training with the Army air corps, also spoke about sharing a house with his brother William for the first time since they were at school and said that they do share domestic chores though the second-in-line to the British throne does “most of the cooking”.

“Now we’re living together and it’s fantastic, it really is. He does most of the cooking. I spend time just lying around watching TV and doing my work. Because the RAF don’t have don’t have to work as hard as the Army. And I do the washing up,” he said.