Prince Harry got Nickname “Jam” from girlfriend Caroline Flack

Its been revealed by different reports that Prince Harry got new nickname “Jam” from his new girlfriend. 28-years-old Caroline Flack, who presents UK TV show “Gladiators” gave Prince Harry the odd and fruity moniker because “he’s got jam coloured hair and he is sweet”.

Its also been reported that Gorgeous TV presenter Caroline Flack allegedly used the moniker as a codeword to keep her relationship with the royal away from scrutiny.

A close friend said, “Caroline realises that Clarence House would frown upon her gossiping about her relationship, so she uses the codeword among her close circle of pals. She doesn’t want to jeopardise what she has with Harry and he has really taken to his new pet name.”

Though a pal of prince harry told reporters that Prince harry dont want to get into long term relationship right now but its seems that couple is getting close to each other.

A pal of Prince Harry said, “Harry is enjoying the single life and doesn’t want to get straight into another long-term relationship. But he has been seeing more and more of Caroline, and her friends are convinced romance is blossoming.”

On Saturday they partied at the Troubador nightclub in West London where the Prince amused Caroline by joining the band on stage to play the bongos. According to newspaper reports, the couple were driven back to the 24-year-old’s apartment in Clarence House after a night of clubbing that ended at 4am. Later Caroline Flack emerged the following morning as Harry headed off to meet his brother William and Will’s girlfriend Kate Middleton at a polo event.

The pair having been exchanging flirty texts messages since meeting in April.

As quoted from The Sun newspaper, “Caroline said to be “besotted” with the dashing 24-year-old Army officer even posted an update on her Facebook site reading: “Caroline loves jam… x”.